HOViNET team's Assembly 2006 Project: Confront
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HOViNET team has done brickfilms since summer 2002 and currently we have 34 animated films as our saldo. We've also sent our films twice before to the Assembly.
In 2004 our "LGR" was 10th in Short Film compo. Next year "Seppo: the Smoke-Gubbe" took 6th place.

In Summer 2005 we had decided that we wont take part in Assembly'06 because we would be working with our huge KastleVania project. But few weeks before Assembly, Maxi found a poem he had written in school. After Jantzu read that poem it was clear that we're going to make a film and send it to Short Film -compo 2006.

In couple of days we built the stage, planned the animation, set up the lights, seek out narrator and music for film and finally shooted those 1300 jpeg-pictures needed for this animation.

So it took about 4 days to complete this 82-second-film.

Hope you enjoy this brickfilm!

Assembly 2006
This animation "Confront" participated in Short Film -compo at Assembly'06 and it was 9th.